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November Rocket Yoga

  • Santosha Yoga PNW (map)

Rocket Yoga is an artful, beautiful and challenging yoga practice that invigorates and strengthens the body. It is a dynamic and fast paced flow that "gets you there faster" through inclusion of advanced postures such as inversions and arm balances along with Sun Salutations and deep stretching to help you achieve greater flexibility in your poses.

The practice of Rocket is all about listening to your body and encourages the "Art of Modification", which allows each student to interpret the sequence as best fits their body. This system brings the energy of both advanced practitioners and beginner yogis into the same room.

Rocket yoga was originally developed by Larry Schultz, who was the Private Instructor to the Grateful Dead before Jerry Garcia died. The practice finds a balance between the strict Ashtanga and Vinyasa, creating an accessible yet challenging sequence for the progressive yogi.