* 26 Hot 90: Hot 26-Bikram Style: A sequence of 26 beginning yoga poses traditionally practiced in a heated studio between 100 & 105 degrees and 40% humidity to increase flexibility and flush toxins while stimulating all systems of the body. This practice is suitable for all ages, those new to yoga, recovering from injury or surgery  or looking for a practice that is challenging both mentally and physically. This class will promote steady physical progress of strength and flexibility, cultivate mental focus and discipline, and create a foundation for stillness and meditation in motion. This class is fully guided 90 minute class with specified water breaks. With our infrared heat panels the room is between 98-102 as the heat penetrates your body making you feel hotter, like sitting in the sun.

* 26 Hot 60: These classes have the same poses as the 90 minutes with adaptation by the instructor for a little faster paced class. Theses classes are a little cooler than the 90 minute classes so a great class for beginners, or those who don’t like it as hot.

Ashtanga Primary Series: Step into a classic yoga sequence that methodically works the entire body leaving you feeling refreshed, energized and at ease. This authentic yoga sequence allows space for meditative focus. A must for any student of yoga. Featuring the Ashtanga invocation, Sun A & B Salutations and Primary or Intermediate series of asana (poses) offered with modifications, variations and rest. This vinyasa (flow) class is led with verbal cues. The instructor will determine which offerings are appropriate for the group so that Ashtanga beginners can develop their practice and continuing students can progress. Join us in a supportive space to learn Ashtanga yoga. All are welcome to Ashtanga yoga, however some prior experience with yoga may be helpful.

Family & Kids: We currently do not have any family & kids classes, please check back. A perfect outlet for tuning in and unwinding. Kids will learn challenging postures and a more flowing type of yoga that will help them calm their minds and strengthen their bodies. Partner poses and group games encourage kids to make new friends and sense a feeling of community. We work on building self-confidence and self-awareness. A great class for gaining tools to help deal with stressful situations and everyday life.

FUNdamentals: A perfect class for both the new yogi and well practiced yogi. There is always something to learn! Yoga FUNdamentals provides a place to focus on the common postures and transitions that lay the foundations for Hatha yoga. Classes will focus on alignment and include imaginative strength building exercises to prepare muscles for the intensity of the major yoga asanas included in a vinyasa flow class. Expect clear instruction and individual assistance as well as music to keep the environment light and playful. :You don’t need to touch your toes in this class …. all you need is an open mind heart.

Gentle: For students of any age and experience, who wish to practice gently and relax deeply; recommended for ‘bad backs’ and injuries and ideal for beginners.

Prenatal/Post-Natal: We currently do not offer any Prenatal specific classes. Feel free to join us in any other classes we have, our instructors will be happy to offer you modifications to keep you and baby comfortable during your practice. If you have any further questions please feel free to email Rachel, who enjoyed a regular practice through 4 healthy pregnancies @

Vinyasa: Energetic Flow Yoga is a dynamic and energizing class linking breath and movement in creative flow sequences designed to support students to safely approach the next level of postures (inversions, arm balances, more advanced standing balances and back bends) depending on each student’s own individual abilities and interests. Pose options and variations will be provided for students as we move through sequences and core-strengthening poses to help prepare and open the body toward more advanced postures. Our vinyasa classes are set at 85-88 degrees, some are a little warmer due to the carry over from Hot classes. Hot Vinyasa - 100-105 degrees.

Workshops: Check the Workshop page for our upcoming events. Workshops are a great way to explore your yoga practice a little further or explore a new style.

Yin Yang: Yin Yang Yoga incorporates the sweetness and strength of yoga; creating a balance within ourselves through pranayama (breathing techniques), mindful therapeutic movements and Hatha Yoga Asanas (poses). A great class for anyone from new to experienced yoga practitioners.

Yin: In Taoist philosophy, the qualities of Yin are dark, calm, passive and deep. Based on these principles, Yin Yoga uses passive postures held for longer periods of time to allow for deep opening in the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and spine. Meditation may be used. Yin Yoga can be practiced by any level of student. Our Yin class is set at room temp. The reality of the temperature in the room is probably more like 80°F to 85°F even with doors open. This is due to the carry-over from the previous hot classes. We do try our best to get the Yin temperature down to as close to 75° as we can. Yin is supposed to be practiced in a cooler environment. The Yin Yoga brings necessary balance to our Yang lifestyle

Yoga Nidra: What is Yoga Nidra? The word yoga means conscious connection to Self. Nidra means sleep. Yoga Nidra, therefore, is a yoga meditation technique that allows you to relax, recharge, rejuvenate and awaken higher consciousness.